About the Event Programイベント・プログラムとは

The Event Program is a half day to a one day open program. Anyone in the qualifying age can attend. (In the case of too many applicants, we will hold a draw for place allocation)

We offer programs for students only, plus programs that include parents and siblings depending on the contents.



Experience Program体験プログラム

We offershort-term “Science Experience classes” interesting to children as an introduction to space engineering. Children can experience the mystery of space which could stimulate their interest in space development.
For example: “Building a plastic bottle rocket” is a good way to learn about real rockets while learning the laws of action and reaction, mechanics and air resistance;
or “Egg drop challenge” to design and perform experiments to demonstrate methods of re-entry and landing of spacecraft. This requires originality and ingenuity through a trial and error process.

Creatively using their hands and tools in the Experience Activities lets children experience the fun of making things: “Monozukuri”.



Lecture Program講演プログラム

We offer seminars where JAXA staff and researchers from universities specializing in Earth and Planetary Science lecture children for a better understanding of Aerospace research and development as a part of a diffuse education activity.

We would like children to be motivated to learn on their own while they picture themselves in the future. This can be achieved by listening to inspiring stories from people actually involved in the aerospace industry.



Exhibitions Program展示プログラム

In March, 2015, we borrowedfrom JAXA, the granular samples recovered from the surface of the asteroid Itokawa by the asteroid explorer Hayabusa. We had a study tour which offered both the seminar and the Experience Events to help children understand the purpose of the asteroid explorer and the importance of the project.

We co-host events with Nagoya Science Center to provide an opportunity to encourage more children to get interested in space research.

We will continue to plan and promote programs to provide valuable opportunities like this.