August, 2013/2013年08月

宇宙教育キャンプ2013 ~イプシロンロケットの打ち上げを見に行こう! 開催

“Space Education Camp 2013. Let’s go to see the launch of the Epsilon Rocket!”

We let students evaluate each other so that they could select their own representative.
41 elite students who were selected from among 192 submissions within Aichi prefecture had a 6 days and 5 nights camp along with a pre-study session.

The main purpose was to see the launch of the Epsilon Rocket which was the new domestic model rocket. But this learning program provided a variety of activities and opportunities such as interaction with space kids in Kagoshima prefecture, the tour and the special lecture at the astronomical observatories, the visit to the facility of JAXA Uchinoura Space Center and learning team work skills from group living.

Supported by JAXA, Aichi Prefecture, Aichi Prefectural Board of Education etc.


November, 2013/2013年11月

ペットボトルロケット工作教室 開催

The PET-bottle rocket making class.

We invited Mr.Tetsuo Kataoka as an instructor. He is an expert in the field of PET-bottle rocket making.
The total of over 200 elementary school children and their families joined and enjoyed the experience of making and launching the PET ?bottle rocket.


November, 2013/2013年11月

山崎直子元宇宙飛行士講演会 運営協力

The lecture by Naoko Yamazaki, a former Japanese astronaut,Operational Collaboration

We cooperated with our collaborating organizations, NPO Corp. Sky and Rocket Group to hold a lecture by a former Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki. During the lecture, she explained how tough it is to be an astronaut and shared many interesting experiences from her stay at the ISS(International Space Station) in a way which was fun and easy for the students to understand.

Host : NPO Corp. Sky and Rocket Group.



April to August, 2014/2014年04月~8月

宇宙教育プログラム2014(上半期) 実施

The space education program (The first half year).

The theme of the activity was participating in the Astronaut Simulating Training Experience and we focused on developing team works, cooperativeness, leadership and followership (support capabilities).

The students went to the Tsukuba Space Center to participate in the Astronaut Simulating Training Experience. To make the training more successful and to motivate them to attend, we first held classes. Here they learned the answers to questions such as: “What kind of place is space where astronauts work?” or “ What is the purpose of developing and researching space?



August to September, 2014/2014年08月~09月

宇宙教育キャンプ2014 ~宇宙飛行士の訓練に参加しよう! 開催

Space Education Camp 2014 "Let’s participate in the astronaut training "

As happened at the space education camp in 2013, the children selected their own representative and a total of 100 elementary school children over three sessions visited JAXA Tsukuba Space Center. This Space Center had the facilities where the actual astronauts trained and the students participated in the Astronaut Simulating Training Experience.

In addition to the Astronaut Simulating Training Experience, we had a tour of the facilities at JAXA in Tsukuba and Sagamihara. We saw the real satellite (auxiliary) and learned the history of Japan's space development through the exhibition. It was a very exciting three days for the boys and girls who yearn to be astronauts and love learning about space.

※Cohost:JAXA、Support:Aichi Prefecture、Aichi Prefectural Board of Education
※Held as JAXA Cosmic College




October, 2014/2014年10月

NASA教育プログラム「ARISSスクールコンタクト」 交信員派遣

NASA Education Program “ ARISS School Contact”Sent our students as the communicators

ARISS School Contact is one of the NASA Education Programs allowing students to contact astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) using amateur radio.
We selected six members from SEC and they enjoyed the challenge of contacting someone in space.

※Host:NPO Corp. Sky and Rocket Group.



October, 2014 ~/2014年10月~

宇宙教育プログラム2014(下半期) 実施

Space Education Program 2014 ( The second half year)

The theme of the activity was the launch of Hayabusa II. Our goal was to see the launch of H-II the rocket carrying Hayabusa II at Tanegashima.
We had three sessions to learn about the features of the fuselage of Hayabusa II and the whole picture of the project before the launch observation camp. After the camp we studied basic space science and space engineering using the key points they had learned during the project.


December, 2014/2014年12月

米国ブラウン大学・廣井孝弘博士による特別講義 開催

Dr.Takahiro Hiroi is one of the members of the project asteroid explorer “HayabusaⅡ. He has a long career and is currently active in the field in the USA. He gave us a lecture about the mystery of the universe from the Big Bang to the birth of the Earth, the future of the science, and the project asteroid explorer “HayabusaⅡ.