Space-themed Comprehensive Humanistic Education宇宙をテーマとした総合的な人間教育活動

Children of Earth Space Education Center aims to develop comprehensive humanistic education based on space-themed subjects.

Our educators are certified as JAXA Space Education Leader (SEL), and have completed JAXA Space Education Leader’s training. We focus on interactive teaching using space-related content. We interact with professors and specialists and the students learn from exploring and experiencing for a better understanding under the specialist’s instruction. We lead students to develop life-changing experiences and to discover their hidden talents to make their dreams come true and to achieve their goals.

Currently our target is Grade 3 to Grade 7 but we are planning to expand it gradually to Grade 12. We are considering recruiting college students and parents to volunteer to work with us and to expand our activities to increase interest in our community.

地球子ども村宇宙教育センター(=SEC(Space Education Center)) では、地域の子どもたちに「宇宙」を題材とした総合的な人間教育活動を展開しております。



Why Space?なぜ「宇宙」?

When you hear the word “Space”, what does it bring to mind: something fun like twinkling stars and weightlessness? Or the last frontier of human exploration where there is an unforgiving environment and much to be discovered? There are so many reasons space attracts us. Space technology has been developed all over the world for many purposes to make the earth a better place to live.

Space development benefits and enhances the quality of our lives. For example, launching and use of artificial satellites provides us with broadcasting, such as radio and TV, and communications, such as weather forecasts, car navigation systems, and the Internet.

Space development helps find a solution for environmental problems such as changes of deforestation, red tide occurrence and holes in the ozone layer.

NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration), ESA (The European Space Agency) and JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) are continuously co-operating to develop space technology for our future.

皆さんは「宇宙」と聞いてどのようなイメージをしますか? キラキラと輝く星空や無重力という楽しそうでありながらも過酷そうな環境、解明されていないことばかりの人類最後のフロンティア…。 人々が宇宙に魅了される理由は様々ですが、我々が住む地球をよりよいものにするため、たくさんの意義を持って全世界が多様な宇宙開発を行っています。

「この広大な宇宙において我々は特別な存在なのか? 」「宇宙の謎を解明し、生命を探す」、「地球以外の天体に移住することは可能なのか」など、哲学的で知的好奇心に満ちた人類の将来を考える宇宙開発。

A space development job needn’t be just a dream.「宇宙開発」は現実的な職業になる!

Making dreams a reality is a goal of space development. Space development in big industry covers various fields, which require accurate calculations and programming skills, skills at handling delicate parts and equipment as well as nurturing philosophy and ideas. Space development has direct relationships with aircraft production and with transportation infrastructure businesses.

Chubu region, centered in Aichi prefecture, is the center of advanced technology. This has been cultivated throughout the automobile industry which has accumulated the knowledge of manufacturing things. Chubu area has been approved as a “Special Zone for Forming the No. 1 Aerospace Industrial Cluster in Asia” since 2011 and it was designated as the “Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness”. The Chubu region is taking a leading role in an effort to grow and develop Japan as a technological superpower. Taking advantage of this designation the region will, while utilizing the government's deregulations and tax/monetary/financial aid measures, promote the attraction of enterprises and support corporate activities.
One of the most important tasks is educating the next generation in order to foster the ongoing development of the region as a special technological zone.

Dream-inspiring and thrilling topics such as the animated series Space Brothers or the Japanese asteroid probe Hayabusa encourage children to get interested in space.
Village for Children of the Earth Space Education Center (SEC) offers Space Education Programs for the first step to their dreams. Our programs help them to connect their interests to a specific goal while pursuing these dreams. All this is available right in the Aichi prefecture which offers the ideal environment for space related jobs and promotes education for the next generation.


自動車産業で培われた先端技術集約地域であり、“モノづくり”のノウハウが蓄積された愛知県を中心とした中部地域は、平成23年より航空宇宙産業特区(「アジアNo.1航空宇宙産業クラスター形成特区」)として、「技術立国・日本」の成長・発展を牽引しようとしており、規制緩和や税制・金融支援を通して企業誘致と企業活動の支援体制を充実させています。 発展的・持続的な特区の発展には、次世代の人材育成ということが重要な課題のひとつとなってきます。


Our substantial program充実したプログラム

Our philosophy of education and policy of activities are to make children’s dreams come true and to make use of the skills and knowledge they learned in their real life.

We offer four different programs depending on the individual’s interest:
【Event program】 to learn the “Mystery of Space” and the “Fun of Creating Things”,
【Camping program】and【School program】to study a specific theme
【Research program】to research further the specific topics in which the student is interested.

We aim to develop comprehensive humanistic education based on space themed subjects.